You’ve worked hard and created a new digital money experience. A mobile banking app. A new website. A new onboarding experience. A payment flow. An SME experience, an open banking connector, a credit scorer, a comparison site. Or a chatbot that reads your user’s mind. A mortgage or insurance application or an online form. New UX, extreme usability, intense branding and emotional experience. Easy. Fast. Contextual. Useful and endearing. Impossible not to like. Shearable. Viral. Beautiful. Addictive. A cut above all other digital money experiences out there. Most of all? You’ve designed it with the consumer at heart. It makes people’s financial lives better. You’ve shown you care. You’ve risen above the customer centricity rhethorics, used top of the line methods and unprecedented insight into how they feel and this is what came out the other end.

If you relate to the above and can answer “YES!” to the questions below – Come show it to us and Come see what others have made.

Have the customer’s emotions about their money been investigated?

Does the customer recognize the experience you created?

Does it elicit any (positive!) emotional response in the consumer?

Is it intensely usable?

Has it been designed using Human Centered Design?

Has it been designed from First Principles?

Does the end customer love it?


Best Design from First Principles

Best Design for a Specific Emotion

Best Design by an Incumbent

Best New Brand

Best Emotional Connection

Best Researched Design

Best Challenger Experience

Best In-House Design

Best Agency-Led Design

Best Social Media Campaign

Best Re-Brand

Best Innovation

Best Use of Open Banking

Best Mobile App

Best Online Banking Experience

Best Feature

Best “Good Money” Experience

Best “Bad Money” Experience


Best Overall Money Moment – The Emotional Banking™ Award 2019