Emotional Banking ™ is the brand name for a series of cultural transformation methods aimed at changing retail banking fast to help it become truly customer-centric.

Built over a period of 3 years by Duena Blomstrom in collaboration with Tier 1 banks, the method comprises of stand-alone workshops and comprehensive programs designed to affect cardinal levers such as “Knowledge”, “Passion”, “Honesty and Language” to help banks deeply change the way they interact with technology to create their proposition.

In her book “Emotional Banking ™ Fixing Culture, Leveraging FinTech and Transforming Retail Banks into Brands”, Blomstrom tells the story of having arrived at the realization that people’s feelings about their money were not investigated and her quest to explore why banks haven’t done so. Also in the book, some of the methods are being detailed.

Currently available in the Method:

  • The “Build-a-Voice” Program
  • The “Everyone is a designer” Workshop
  • The “Products vs. MoneyMoments” Workshop
  • The “Intrapreneur Creation” Program
  • The “Keep-it-Real” Program
  • The “Culture Change for DevOps” Program